Whether you represent a boutique law firm specializing in IP and patent work, the in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 corporation, or a startup company’s newly-inaugurated IP team, DocketLogic is here to help you and your organization navigate every step of the way, from application to post-grant support.

At DocketLogic,  we can relieve your team of burdensome and expensive intellectual property paralegal work, allowing team members to focus on other tasks while also lowering costs. We offer an array of expert services to assist with every phase of your IP processes, including records maintenance, docketing, patent grant support, client reporting, IDS and reference management, paralegal support and support for other special patent and trademark related projects.

Our flexible, streamlined approach to all aspects of docketing and information management allows us to support the patent and trademark work of law firms and corporations with IP portfolios of all sizes. With DocketLogic’s expert logistical support, oversight, quality control, and analytics, you and your team can rest assured that all your IP needs will be met to the highest industry standards, on time, and with full documentation tailored to your project’s specific needs and demands.


Our skilled and experienced staff will process new applications, client files, and correspondence for all applications filed with the United States Patent and Trade Office and in foreign jurisdictions. We can work in your IP docketing and data management system, or maintain your records in our system, as needed.

Open new applications in client docketing management systems for US/PCT & Foreign Cases

Create and maintain client files for new applications in other client databases

Verify information accuracy and edit existing application data from application filing to patent granting with all incoming correspondence


Working hand in hand with your staff, we will docket all your incoming correspondence from the USPTO and foreign jurisdictions and set up customized reminders to track and meet all your deadlines, both internal and statutory, from the Patent Application Information Retrieval System. We will update and annotate documents, and manage all docket-related correspondence for your patent and trademark cases. We also stand by our work with strict quality control processes–we double check your docket with a built-in audit system for added peace of mind, and alert you of any critical deadlines as they arise. We also monitor your cases for filing receipts, publication, and issuance.  Working with your team, we can create a custom suite of IP management activities to fit your needs.

Retrieve and save USPTO correspondence into client database from Private PAIR based on client specifications

Upload USPTO correspondence documents into client docketing management systems

Create response deadlines for incoming correspondence based on client specifications

Set up and maintain reminders for client communication and response preparation in docketing management system

Download Notices of Publication and issued patent documents and save in client correspondence files

Send client daily docketing report with records of all actions taken and due date reminders

Perform monthly docketing reconciliation and audits of PAIR correspondence to ensure accuracy


We track and pay your U.S. patent annuity and maintenance fees, archive your database, and send you and your clients reminders about fees due. We collaborate with patent annuity partners to provide you seamless and complete post-grant support.

Set up maintenance fee reminders based on patent term adjustments

Perform post patent grant database clean up and archiving


Highly trained and experienced DocketLogic staffers can handle email reporting needs for both corporate and law firm clients.  Taking full advantage of the latest automation technology, we can quickly and accurately report out office actions and other routine PTO correspondence and responses, as well as instructional and informational correspondence, for your law firm, corporate team, or in-house legal department.

Prepare and send out customized client prosecution reporting correspondence and corresponding documents with client expected hour turn-around time. Reporting emails include but are not limited to filing receipts, notices of publication, office actions, issue notifications and letters patents.

Rename and save staff/attorney/client correspondence in client database system


Our team has your team covered on all aspects of docket management with regard to prior art, patent references, and Information Disclosure Statements. We provide a suite of services that we will tailor to your project to ensure that you meet all IDS deadlines and requirements, on your schedule and according to your preferences.

Review and monitor all incoming prosecution documents for prior art references and IDS requirements

Enter, maintain and update prior art reference records in client docket management system

Cross reference prior art records across all related and family cases

Retrieve and include all patent references bibliographic data and required patent and non-patent literature reference copies

Preparation and submission of completed Information Disclosure Statements

Complete matter references reviews on receipt of Notice of Allowance


Let DocketLogic’s highly skilled and experienced paralegals take on report emailing and other docketing software management tasks, so you and your team can save time and money and stay focused on other aspects of your IP work. We will work with you to customize basic tasks and any other special projects at the paralegal level.

Run and email reports from client docketing software system

Edit, create, and troubleshoot customized tasks from docketing software systems

Perform other special projects relating to docketing as required by clients