Here's What Clients are Saying

“The staff’s attention to detail and commitment to quality service provide assurance that no deadlines are missed, clients are promptly informed of new USPTO correspondence, and an accurate history of client correspondence, filings, and other pertinent documents are preserved.  Additionally, the staff’s friendly demeanor and willingness to adjust to particular needs and requests have further enhanced my experience with DocketLogic.” -Lauren, Patent Agent

“Docketlogic has improved my practice by not only eliminating the risk of missed deadlines, but also by increasing the quality of communications regarding pertinent application matters. My favorite part of working with DocketLogic is the customization of reminders for application tasks, which has allowed me to optimize my productivity.” -Ashley, Patent Agent

“Docketlogic has been a great asset to our firm. Retaining their services expanded our team without the expensive overhead. They provide our paralegal team with much needed relief.” -Carl, managing partner

Dr. Jessica Lancia, Docketlogic
Dr. Jessica Lancia

Experienced Leaders in Cutting Edge IP Legal Work


As director of operations for a boutique patent law firm with a large, multinational corporate portfolio, Dr. Jessica Lancia spent five years managing and training a remote docketing and paralegal staff. DocketLogic was created after multiple unsuccessful attempts to find an affordable solution to streamline the firm’s docketing department by using remote providers. Dr. Lancia founded DocketLogic in 2014 to provide the same streamlined operations as other leading purveyors, for a much more affordable cost.


Dr. Lancia brings a unique international perspective to her work. Growing up, she lived in Ethiopia, Italy, Germany, and the United States. She is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Before she began her career in IP, Jessica worked for many years in academia. Her educational path took her from undergraduate studies at Duke University to a PhD from the University of Florida. Since 2001 Jessica has lived, studied and worked in a number of cities along the Eastern Seaboard, from New York to Durham, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina. She currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.


Over the course of six years in the industry Dr. Lancia rose to the position of Director of Operations for boutique firm Turk IP Law, where her duties included overseeing all of the firm’s day-to-day work in patent and trademark related services, from prosecution activities to IDS management, filing, annuities, and other procedures. In launching DocketLogic, Jessica built on her experience managing the departmental workflow of the firm’s paralegal and docketing staff, streamlining systems and technology management to develop an up-to-date, innovative and flexible approach to meeting modern IP teams’ needs.

Our Story

DocketLogic was founded to provide an affordable, scalable staffing solution for IP operations of all shapes and sizes, from boutique IP law firms and Fortune 500 companies to the newest startup on the block. For even the most well-staffed patent and trademarking groups, the work load can be overwhelming, especially as your organization grows. One of the biggest challenges that IP teams consistently face is being able to scale their operations up with competent, expert staff. DocketLogic solves this problem by performing your organization’s docketing for you and delivering paralegal assistance services that free up your paralegal staff and provide managers peace of mind. We mitigate the risk of missed deadlines by using secure processes and reporting all activity to you.


The passage and implementation of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) heralded a new era of challenges for law firms, in-house IP teams, and inventors alike here in the United States and abroad. With the expansion of the terms of prior art under the AIA, and in particular concerns over foreign offers for sale, organizations in the U.S. and abroad have had to adapt in less than five years to the most fundamental restructuring of USPTO processes in history. Add to this the ever-increasing revolutionizing of technology and its impacts, both within the field and in the global business environment as a whole, and IP teams can find themselves facing a daunting horizon in terms of both the marketplace and the regulatory environment.


Despite these challenging conditions, the rewards to be reaped in mastering this dynamic field for yourself and your organization are tremendous. DocketLogic understands these challenges and these rewards–launched in 2014, with roots in the industry that stretch back over 6 years, our organization was forged in the fires of these fundamental changes. Let us shoulder the burden of taking on your team’s day-to-day docketing grind, so you can focus on the big picture and the bottom line.